Sandy & Caroline Paton

Sandy & Caroline Paton: When the Spirit Says Sing

$16.38 $19.98

Artist: Sandy & Caroline Paton
Title: When the Spirit Says Sing

A collection of dandy sing-alongs for kids. Joining the Patons for this recording are forty youngsters who sing along with genuine enthusiasm. Tracks include: When the Spirit Says Sing, Waltzing with Bears, Peanut butter Jam, Apples and Bananas, Flea Fly/Froggie.

1.1 When the Spirit Says Sing
1.2 Waltzing with Bears
1.3 Peanutbutter Jam
1.4 Apples and Bananas
1.5 Flea Fly/Froggie
1.6 Skin and Bones
1.7 Underwears
1.8 Rubber Blubber Whale
1.9 Dig a Geoduck
1.10 Pbj/Geoduck Reprise
1.11 Julian of Norwich
1.12 Chickens They Are Crowing
1.13 Cousin Emmy's Blues
1.14 Farmer's Curst Wife
1.15 Comet
1.16 One Bottle of Pop
1.17 Peace Like a River
1.18 Vine and Fig Tree
1.19 River, Take Me Along

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