Sanford & Townsend

Sanford & Townsend: Duo Glide

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Product Type: CD

Title: Duo Glide
Label: Collectables

Ed Sanford and John Townsend's second album for Warner Bros. Didn't quite catch "fire" like their debut, but it sure did "smoke," hitting the charts with the same potent combo of blue-eyed soul and Southern California rock that propelled the first. From 1977!

1.1 Paradise
1.2 Ain't It So, Love
1.3 Cryin' Like a Child
1.4 Livin's Easy
1.5 Starbrite
1.6 Voodoo
1.7 Mississippi Sunshine
1.8 Eights and Aces
1.9 Sometimes When the Wind Blows
1.10 Eye of My Storm (Oh Woman)

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