Sankt Annae Girls' Choir

Sankt Annae Girls' Choir: Beggar's Opera

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Title: Beggar's Opera
Label: Chandos

1.1 Introduction: If Poverty Be a Title to Poetry (Beggar)
1.2 Overture
1.3 Act I: Through All the Employments of Life (Peachum)
1.4 Act I: Sir, Black Moll Hath Sent Word (Filch, Peachum)
1.5 Act I: 'Tis Woman That Seduces All Mankind (Filch, Peachum)
1.6 Act I: But It Is Now High Time to Look About Me (Peachum, Mrs. Peachum)
1.7 Act I: Women Indeed Are Bitter Bad Judges - ?Ev'ry Man Handsome Who Is Going to the Camp - If Any Wench Venus' Girdle Wear (MRS. Peachum)
1.8 Act I: Was Captain Macheath Here This Morning? (Peachum, Mrs. Peachum)
1.9 Act I: If Love the Virgin's Heart Invade (MRS. Peachum, Peachum)
1.10 Act I: A Maid Is Like the Golden Ore (MRS. Peachum)
1.11 Act I: Come Hither, Filch (MRS. Peachum, Filch)
1.12 Act I: I Know As Well As Any of the Fine Ladies (Polly) - Virgins Are Like the Fair Flower in It's Lustre (Polly, Peachum)
1.13 Act I: Our Polly Is a Sad Slut! (MRS. Peachum, Omnes, Peachum, Polly)
1.14 Act I: Can Love Be Controlled By Advice? (Polly, Mrs. Peachum, Peachum)
1.15 Act I: The Girl Shows Such a Readiness (MRS. Peachum) - O Polly, You Might Have Toyed and Kissed (MRS. Peachum, Polly, Omnes, Peachum)
1.16 Act I: I, Like a Ship in Storms, Was Tossed (Polly, Mrs. Peachum, Peachum)
1.17 Act I: A Fox May Steal Your Hens, Sir (Peachum, Mrs. Peachum, Polly)
1.18 Act I: O Ponder Well! Be Not Severe (Polly, Mrs. Peachum)
1.19 Act I: The Turtle Thus with Plaintive Crying, Her Lover Dying (Polly, Mrs. Peachum, Peachum)
1.20 Act I: Now I'm a Wretch Indeed! (Polly, Omnes, Macheath)
1.21 Act I: My Heart Was So Free (Macheath, Polly)
1.22 Act I: Were I Laid on Greenland's Coast (Macheath, Polly, Omnes)
1.23 Act I: O! What Pain It Is to Part! (Polly, Macheath)
1.24 Act I: The Miser Thus a Shilling Sees (Macheath, Polly)
1.25 Act I: But Pr'thee, Mat, What Is Become of Thy Brother Tom? (Ben Budge, Mat of the Mint, Jemmy Twitcher, Nimming Ned, Harry Paddington, Wat Dreary)
1.26 Act I: Fill Ev'ry Glass, for Wine Inspires Us (Gentlemen of the Road)
1.27 Act I: Gentlemen, Well Met (Macheath, Mat of the Mint)
1.28 Act I: I Shall Wish Myself with You (Macheath) - Let Us Take the Road (Harry Paddington, Gentlemen of the Road)
1.29 Act I: If the Heart of a Man Is Depressed with Cares (Macheath)
1.30 Act I: Dear Mrs. Coaxer, You Are Welcome (Macheath) - Youth's the Season Made for Joys (Macheath, Ladies of the Town)
1.31 Act I: Now Pray, Ladies, Take Your Places (Macheath, Jenny Diver, Mrs. Coaxer)
1.32 Act I: It Is Your Own Choice (Jenny Diver) - Before the Barn-Door Crowing (Jenny Diver, Ladies of the Town, Macheath, Dolly Trull, Suky Tawdry)
1.33 Act I: But to Be Sure, Sir (Jenny Diver) - the Gamesters and Lawyers Are Jugglers Alike (Ladies of the Town, Betty Doxy, Macheath, Peachum)
1.34 Act I: The Gentleman, Ladies, Lodges in Newgate - Constables, Wait Upon the Captain to His Lodgings (Peachum) - at the Tree I Shall Suffer with Pleasure (Macheath)
2.1 Act II: Noble Captain, You Are Welcome (Lockit, Macheath)
2.2 Act II: Man May Escape from Rope and Gun (Macheath, Lucy Lockit)
2.3 Act II: Thus When a Good Housewife Sees a Rat (Lucy Lockit, Macheath)
2.4 Act II: It Is the Pleasure of All You Fine Men (Lucy Lockit) - How Cruel Are the Traytors (Lucy Lockit, Macheath)
2.5 Act II: The First Time at the Looking Glass (Macheath, Lucy Lockit)
2.6 Act II: In This Last Affair, Brother Peachum, We Are Agreed (Lockit, Peachum)
2.7 Act II: Such Language, Brother, Anywhere Else (Lockit) - When You Censure the Age (Lockit, Lucy Lockit)
2.8 Act II: Is Then His Fate Decreed, Sir? (Lucy Lockit, Lockit)
2.9 Act II: Though the Chaplain Was Out of the Way To-Day (Lucy Lockit, Macheath, Polly)
2.10 Act II: Thus When the Swallow Seeking Prey (Polly, Macheath, Lucy Lockit)
2.11 Act II: If Women's Tongues Can Cease for An Answer (Macheath) - I Will Not! (Lucy Lockit) - How Happy Could I Be with Either (Macheath, Polly)
2.12 Act II: Cease Your Funning (Polly, Omnes, Macheath, Lucy Lockit)
2.13 Act II: Why How Now, Madam Flirt! (Lucy Lockit, Polly, Peachum, Lockit)
2.14 Act II: No Power on Earth Can E'er Divide (Lucy Lockit, Macheath, Lockit, Peachum, Omnes)
2.15 Act III: To Be Sure, Wench, You Must Have Been Aiding and Abetting (Lockit, Lucy Lockit)
2.16 Act III: Dear Sir, Mention Not My Education (Lucy Lockit, Lockit)
2.17 Act III: Ungrateful Macheath! (Lucy Lockit, Lockit)
2.18 Act III: Thus Gamesters United in Friendship Are Found (Lockit)
2.19 Act III: Our Scene Doth Represent a Gaming House (Beggar) - the Modes of the Court So Common Are Grown (Macheath, Ben Budge, Mat of the Mint, Omnes)
2.20 Act III: The Coronation Account, Brother Peachum (Lockit, Peachum, Servant, Mrs. Trapes)
2.21 Act III: In the Days of My Youth I Could Bill Like a Dove (MRS. Trapes, Lockit, Peachum)
2.22 Act III: In the Days of My Youth I Could Bill Like a Dove (MRS. Trapes, Beggar)
2.23 Act III: Jealousy, Rage, Love and Fear (Lucy Lockit)
2.24 Act III: I Have the Rat's-Bane Ready (Lucy Lockit, Filch, Polly)
2.25 Act III: A Curse Attends a Woman's Love (Polly, Lucy Lockit)
2.26 Act III: When I Was Forced from Him (Polly, Lucy Lockit)
2.27 Act III: Come, Sweet Lass (Lucy Lockit, Polly)
2.28 Act III: Now Every Glimmering of Happiness Is Lost (Polly, Lucy Lockit, Macheath, Peachum)
2.29 Act III: Which Way Shall I Turn Me, How Can I Decide? (Macheath, Polly)
2.30 Act III: Dear, Dear Sir, Sink the Material Evidence (Polly)
2.31 Act III: How Then Can You Be a Tyrant to Me (Lucy Lockit) - When He Holds Up His Hand Arraigned for His Life (Lucy Lockit, Lockit)
2.32 Act III: Ourselves, Like the Great, to Secure a Retreat (Lockit, Peachum)
2.33 Act III: We Are Ready, Sir? (Lockit) - ?To Conduct You to the Old Bailey! (Lockit, Lucy Lockit, Polly, Macheath, Peachum, Omnes)
2.34 Act III: O Cruel, Cruel Case! (Macheath, Jailer)
2.35 Act III: Would I Might Be Hanged! (Polly, Lucy Lockit, Macheath)
2.36 Act III: But Surely You Don't Intend That Macheath Shall Really Executed? (Mat of the Mint, Beggar, Ben Budge, Lucy Lockit, Polly, Lockit, Peachum)
2.37 Act III: Thus I Stand Like a Turk, with His Doxies Around (Macheath, Mrs. Peachum, Peachum, Ladies of the Town, Gentlemen of the Road, Lucy Lockit, Polly, Mrs. Trapes, Lockit)

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