Sara Jackson-Holman

Sara Jackson-Holman: Didn't Go To The Party

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Product Type: CD

Artist: Sara Jackson-Holman
Title: Didn't Go To The Party

2016 release. Sara Jackson-Holman is a classically trained pianist, singer and songwriter who grew up in the forested landscape of eastern Oregon. Her fourth album, Didn't Go To the Party, is a work of lush and timeless pop that merges her disparate musical loves, including Kate Bush, Joni Mitchell, Cat Power, Serge Gainsbourg and Erik Satie. Didn't Go To The Party is introspective and contemplative. Didn't Go To The Party explores the arc of romantic relationships. Sara sings of the way that affections wax, and then wane, like cycles of the moon. A new friendship for the former lovers was born alchemically out of this time in the recording studio, laying these songs about their own shared experience to tape.

1.1 Monsoon
1.2 Go to My Head
1.3 Run
1.4 You'll Come Around
1.5 Warmed Through
1.6 Killing Me Boy
1.7 Didn't Go to the Party
1.8 Along for the Ride
1.9 Fire Fire Fire
1.10 Too Late
1.11 Spring Bossa

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