Sarah Quartet Bernstein

Sarah Quartet Bernstein: Still - Free

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Product Type: CD

Artist: Sarah Quartet Bernstein
Title: Still - Free

Nominated "Rising Star" in the 63rd Annual DownBeat critics poll, this is a spectacular debut of the New York's violinist Sarah Bernstein on Leo Records. The CD features the acclaimed violinist with master musicians Kris Davis on piano, Stuart Popejoy on electric bass and Ches Smith on drums. The album showcases Bernstein's distinctive post-tonal and polyrhythmic jazz compositions deconstructed by open improvisation and sonic exploration. The music is developing through seven pieces which flow organically from minimal music to breathtaking be-bop to free jazz.

1.1 Still/Free 08:17
1.2 Paper Eyes 05:32
1.3 Cede 07:52
1.4 Nightmorning 07:18
1.5 4= 12:36
1.6 Jazz Camp 10:13
1.7 Wind Chime 03:55

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