Satan's Host

Satan's Host: Virgin Sails

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Artist: Satan's Host

Artist: Satan's Host
Title: Virgin Sails

2013 album from the veteran Power Metal band. Virgin Sails showcases Satan's Host in blazing satanic fury, delivering a hellish opus of new Metal standards. With Harry Conklin surpassing all prior vocal performances, Black-Axe master Patrick Evil and the solid back bone of drummer Anthony Evil Hobbit and bassist Margar, Satan's Host unleash another Metal classic. The ride from the opening track "Cor Malifecus", to the Samhain-ish "Reanimated Anomalies", to title track and epic closer, Virgin Sails proves the band have earned their deserved place in Heavy Metal history!

1.1 Cor Malifecus - Heart of Evil
1.2 Island of the Giant Ants
1.3 Dichotomy
1.4 Of Beast and Men
1.5 Akoman
1.6 Reanimated Anomalies
1.7 Infinite Impossibilities
1.8 Vaporous of the Blood
1.9 Tamorati
1.10 Virgin Sails

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