Savatage: Dead Winter Dead

Savatage: Dead Winter Dead
Title: Dead Winter Dead
Label: Edel Europe

Digitally re-mastered edition of this 1995 album from the Heavy Metal crew. Over a career spanning 12 albums and countless live performances, Savatage has become a band of staggering power and limitless creativity. Formed by Jon and Criss Oliva in the early '80s, Savatage quickly established itself at the cutting edge of the hard rock world. Tempering savage metal attacks with haunting orchestrations and a distinctive melodic sense, the band has pushed the artistic envelope of their genre and, in the process, garnered a large world-wide following.

1.1 Overture
1.2 Sarajevo
1.3 This Is the Time
1.4 I Am
1.5 Starlight
1.6 Doesn't Matter Anyway
1.7 This Isn't What We Meant
1.8 Mozart and Madness
1.9 Memory (Dead Winter Dead Intro)
1.10 Dead Winter Dead
1.11 One Child
1.12 Christmas Eve (Sarajevo 12/24)
1.13 Not What You See
1.14 Miles Away/Follow Me
1.15 When the Crowds Are Gone

Savatage: Dead Winter Dead

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