Saviours: Death's Procession

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Artist: Saviours

Artist: Saviours
Title: Death's Procession

Kemado Records now proudly announces the release of Saviours' fourth album, Death's Procession. Death's Procession is a rebirth of sorts. The years of making music and touring the world under the Saviours banner have refined founding members Austin Barber (guitar, vocals) and Scott Batiste (drums) into a killing machine and have helped them re-envision their musical path. With guitarist Sonny Reinhardt (ex-Watch Them Die) and new bassist Carson Binks (ex-Parchman Farm), Death's Procession sees Barber and Batiste reaching back to their early musical inspirations and tearing into the future.

1.1 The Eye Obscene
1.2 To the Grave Possessed
1.3 Fire of Old
1.4 Earthen Dagger
1.5 Crete'n
1.6 Gods End
1.7 Earth's Possession ; Death's Procession
1.8 Walk to the Light

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