Saxon: Power & The Glory

Saxon: Power & The Glory
Title: Power & The Glory
Label: Union Square

Saxon's fifth album, Power And The Glory was originally released on 21st March 1983 and was produced by Jeff Glixman at Axis Sound Studios in Atlanta. The album spawned two singles, 'Nightmare' and the title track, 'Power And The Glory' and also marked the replacement of drummer Pete Gill with Nigel Glockler, who remains a member of Saxon to this day. This version includes early working demos of songs from the album, recorded in 1982. Including tracks that didn't make the final track listing. This is also true of the two tracks recorded during the album sessions with Jeff Glixman and have been rarely heard until now.

1.1 Power and the Glory (2009 Remastered Version)
1.2 Redline (2009 Remastered Version)
1.3 Warrior (2009 Remastered Version)
1.4 Nightmare (2009 Remastered Version)
1.5 This Town Rocks (2009 Remastered Version)
1.6 Watching the Sky (2009 Remastered Version)
1.7 Midas Touch (2009 Remastered Version)
1.8 The Eagle Has Landed (2009 Remastered Version)
1.9 Make Em Rock
1.10 Turn Out the Lights
1.11 Turn Out the Lights (Kaley Studios Demo)
1.12 Stand Up and Rock (Kaley Studios Demo)
1.13 Power and the Glory (Kaley Studios Demo)
1.14 Saturday Night (Kaley Studios Demo)
1.15 Midas Touch (Kaley Studios Demo)
1.16 Nightmare (Kaley Studios Demo)
1.17 Redline (Kaley Studios Demo)

Saxon: Power & The Glory

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