Scenic Roots

Scenic Roots: Grounded

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Artist: Scenic Roots

Artist: Scenic Roots
Title: Grounded

The GROUNDED Story We have embarked upon an incredible journey as full-time musicians in our mid-twenties. We get the opportunity to travel across this beautiful country and live out our dreams. Even as we spread our wings to fly, a part of us remains grounded. We grew up in a small town in rural Kansas where the culture was defined by farming. Even though our family did not farm, we were keenly aware of the life-cycles directly related to the seasons and the quality of the ground. Our parents made sure we were grounded in the Word of God. Now, as we go through different seasons of life, this one thing we know: God is faithful to see us through. That is the foundation of who we are and all we do. We are dedicated to studying the roots of this music and being grounded in the old-time traditions. We feel that it is important to know where we've come from and to carry on that legacy. In the same way that we have left the Kansas fields in our review mirror to explore new places, we have also moved beyond strictly old-time music to explore new ideas. We don't forget our roots. We're grounded, but not stuck. We carry this grounded story wherever we go. That often brings us to coffee shops where we can combine our love of music with our love of coffee and tea! We always hope our coffee/tea was ground, but not full of grounds. -Erin and Amber, aka Scenic Roots PS- No one was actually grounded in the making of this record, although we spent enough time in small padded rooms to make us feel as if we had been!

1.1 Road to Damascus
1.2 You Plant Your Fields
1.3 Salt Creek
1.4 Molly and Tenbrooks
1.5 You Don't Have to Move That Mountain
1.6 Jenny's Chickens
1.7 Stray Dogs and Alley Cats
1.8 Mole in the Ground
1.9 Water Bound
1.10 Orphan Girl

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