Scheisse Minnelli

Scheisse Minnelli: Exist to Get Piss't

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Product Type: VINYL LP

Artist: Scheisse Minnelli
Title: Exist to Get Piss't
Product Type: VINYL LP

Skate punk rattling from Germany and California! Mix DRI, Black Flag, Verbal Abuse, and Bones Brigade - the perfect mix of classic hardcore / punk rock and the new breed of ugly and fast concrete surfers! They have shared the stage, both in the US and Europe with: Poison Idea, Dr. Know, Murder Junkies, Municipal Waste, Seein' Red, DI, Christ on Parade, Antiseen, UK Subs, No Use for a Name, Subhumans, TSOL, NOFX, Jello Biafra, Fang and tons more! Bringing the skateboard injuries to the stage!

1.1 Sinning ; Winning
1.2 Umbrigen
1.3 Exist to Get Piss't
1.4 Scheisse Minnelli
1.5 Henry, Hank, Simone
1.6 Lucky 4 You
1.7 Trashland
1.8 Skateboard the Freeway
1.9 12th and Campbell
1.10 Hast Du Scheisse
1.11 We're Socially Retarded
1.12 Action Packed
1.13 One Across the Lip
1.14 Wasted Body
1.15 Dirtville

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