Schelb / Blome / Bruns

Schelb / Blome / Bruns: Orchestral Music 2

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Product Type: CD

Title: Orchestral Music 2
Label: Toccata

Josef Schelb (1894-1977) is one of the better-kept secrets of German music. His output was substantial: he lost most of his early music in a bombing raid in 1942 but, as if to make up for lost time, wrote some 150 more works after that, in the tonally liberated, quasi-Expressionist contrapuntal tradition of Hindemith and Hartmann; Bartók was an important influence, too. These three concertos show him at his most engaging: the contrapuntal craftsmanship that drives the music forward is deployed with a light and nimble touch, and passages of touching delicacy contrast with others where a lively sense of humor comes bubbling up to the surface.

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