Schlammpeitziger: Vorausschauende Bebauung

Schlammpeitziger: Vorausschauende Bebauung
Title: Vorausschauende Bebauung
Label: Sonig Records

2011 release from German keyboardist Jo Zimmerman AKA Schlammpeitziger. The band's music is known for playful melodies and exuberant, clattering rhythms. This aesthetic, with all it's quirks and strangeness, is second nature to Zimmermann. And Vorausschauende Bebauung is no exception: his unique style is unmistakable throughout the album. But at the same time, Schlammpeitziger has never been stuck in a rut. It is the resolution of this apparent contradiction that is presented on his new album. The recently acquired depth and seriousness found on his last record, Schwingstelle für Rauschabzug, descends further into darkness on Vorausschauende Bebauung. His typical swarm of melodies is permeated with ghostly drifting strings and sub-bass, creating a new secretive and enchanted mélange. The beats are sharp and gripping; the cold, synthetic disco sound is a long way from the private intimacy of previous works.

1.1 Verkleinerte Vergr Erung
1.2 Deutlich Drehmoment
1.3 Antless Boogie
1.4 Solide Ortsbestimmung
1.5 Vonausschauende Bebauung
1.6 Rollrockers Feinvippr Hren
1.7 D MM Delight
1.8 Gorschio's Glimmergoo

Schlammpeitziger: Vorausschauende Bebauung

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