Schlammpeitziger: Whats Fruit Remixes

Schlammpeitziger: Whats Fruit Remixes
Title: Whats Fruit Remixes
Label: Pingipung
Product Type: 12-INCH SINGLE

Remixes of tracks from Schlammpeitziger's What's Fruit? (PING 042 CD/LP). Candie Hank beams the mantra-like vocals of the title track unerringly to the dancefloor. Andreas Dorau sings over "Balcony Sofaune," warped into a disco piece by sdfkt. Springintgut brings a giddy tambourine and a cello chorus to the complex layers of "Pipe Claphorse." Mouse on Mars turns "Balcony Sofaune" into a bass monster while focusing on the original's bold brass theme. Thomas Mahmoud Zahl thwarts the melancholy of "Schneid ein Stuck aus der Zeit" with a bouncing beat, and hey transforms the same track with acoustic guitar and galactic vocoder.

1.1 What's Fruit (Candie Hank Version)
1.2 Balcony Sofaune (Andreas Dorau ; Sdfkt. Remix)
1.3 Pipe Claphorse (Springintgut Remix)
2.1 Balcony Sofaune (Mouse On Mars Bongo Remix)
2.2 Schneid Ein Stück Aus Der Zeit (Thomas Mahmoud Zahl Remix)
2.3 Schneid Ein Stück Aus Der Zeit (Hey Remix)

Schlammpeitziger: Whats Fruit Remixes

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