Schneider Tm: Skoda Mluvit

Schneider Tm: Skoda Mluvit
Title: Skoda Mluvit
Label: City Slang Records
Product Type: VINYL LP

For a man with such an effervescent personality, Dirk Dresselhaus can tend to hide his Light (3000) under a bushel. If you excuse the pun, there is a serious point to make, and that is that a lot more people are aware of Schneider TM (for that is his stage name) than they possibly realise. His cover version of the Smiths 'There is a Light That Never Goes Out' was recently voted by Wire Magazine as one of the best cover versions ever recorded. Schneider has been pulling off such incredible musical manoevres for the best part of 10 years now. Many people would love to fuse pop and electronic music in the way that Schneider TM can, but they simply have not got the same sense of imagination as our German counterpart. Skoda Mluvit is an album that encapsulates all the things that have led to Schneider TM being one of the most unusual but respected artists out there. A number of guests grace the album: Edith Kuss, the grandmother who inspired the album's title, is charmingly integrated into the title track; Max Turner, the Berlin based poet and rapper joins her on the title track and also steps up on 'The Blacksmith', whilst cellist Hildur Gudnadottir (who has previously collaborated with Icelandic act Mum) plays a valuable role on a number of tracks. Plus, regular collaborator Kpt. Michi. Gan plays a vital part on tunes like the hypnotic opener 'More Time'. City Slang. 2006.

1.1 More Time
1.2 Pac Man/ Shopping Cart
1.3 Peanut
1.4 S'kcorratiug
1.5 Caplets
1.6 Vodou
1.7 Skoda Mluvit
1.8 The Blacksmith
1.9 Klexx
1.10 Cataractact
1.11 The Slide
1.12 A Ride
1.13 The Worlds a Cup

Schneider Tm: Skoda Mluvit

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Product-type:VINYL LP

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