Scorpions: Crazy World

Scorpions: Crazy World
Title: Crazy World
Label: Universal I.S.

Out of print in the U.S.! Originally released in 1990, Crazy World found the German Heavy Metal band at a crossroad in their career: do they continue with their polished, melodic Metal sound that had helped them shift millions of units in the '80s or do they record a hard rockin' album that is truer to their own vision? Thankfully, the band chose the latter and steered clear of the slick sound of their late '80s albums while still sounding melodic and maintaining their unique sound. In fact, they even scored their biggest hit in years with 'Wind of Change', a ballad that still remains one of their most popular songs. Apart from a few soft moments, Crazy World is a rockin' platter that will please those in search of quality songwriting and Hard Rock heaviness. Mercury.

1.1 Tease Me Please Me
1.2 Don't Believe Her
1.3 To Be with You in Heaven
1.4 Wind of Change
1.5 Restless Nights
1.6 Lust or Love
1.7 Kicks After Six
1.8 Hit Between the Eyes
1.9 Money and Fame
1.10 Crazy World
1.11 Send Me An Angel

Scorpions: Crazy World

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