Scott Goff

Scott Goff: Sorrow Is Not Melancholy / Clarinet Concerto

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Scott Goff

Title: Sorrow Is Not Melancholy / Clarinet Concerto
Label: Naxos

The music of Deborah Drattell is saturated in vivid colour and neo-Romantic vitality, and this selection reflects both it's warmth and also it's dynamism. In Sorrow is not Melancholy gentleness co-exists with pervasive melancholy and tenser sonorities, whereas the Clarinet Concerto is a very different work, embracing dance patterns that pulsate with excitement. Both Lilith and the Fire Within share Middle Eastern influences. The first is a sensual, sinuous evocation of 'the female demon' whilst the latter is imbued with drones, drums and tambourine, all exotically spiced. Syzygy brilliantly explores nature in all it's elemental power.

1.1 Sorrow Is Not Melancholy
1.2 Clarinet Concerto, Fire Dances
1.3 I. ?
1.4 II. ?
1.5 The Fire Within
1.6 Syzygy

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