Scott H. Biram: Graveyard Shift

Scott H. Biram: Graveyard Shift
Title: Graveyard Shift
Label: Bloodshot Records

It's raw. It's muddy. It's chaotic. It's ultra-primal blues rock & roll with a country heart beating underneath. Scott H. Biram's sermon? "Remember: Whiskey AND holy water'll both burn you if you ain't careful." "This is a raw and dirty tantrum, more Saturday night than Sunday morning, but there's still a fascinating spiritual tussle at work here... If Hank Williams had grown up listening to Johnny Rotten, this is what he might have sounded like." - PASTE

1.1 Been Down Too Long
1.2 No Way
1.3 Graveyard Shift
1.4 Lost Case of Being Found
1.5 Only Jesus
1.6 Goin' Home
1.7 18 Wheeler Fever
1.8 Plow You Under
1.9 Work
1.10 Long Fingernail
1.11 Reefer Load
1.12 Have No Fun
1.13 Santa Fe
1.14 Church Babies

Scott H. Biram: Graveyard Shift

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