Scouting for Girls: Greatest Hits

Scouting for Girls: Greatest Hits
Title: Greatest Hits
Label: Sony UK

Scouting for Girls, the British pop band who 6 years ago took the country by storm with their witty lyrics and catchy pop songs, will be releasing their Greatest Hits album through Sony. The album includes two brand new songs including first single 'Millionaire' released on 14th July 2013, alongside favourites such as 'She's So Lovely', 'Heartbeat' and 'Elvis Ain't Dead'.

1.1 She's So Lovely
1.2 Elvis Ain't Dead
1.3 Heartbeat
1.4 It's Not About You
1.5 I Wish I Was James Bond
1.6 Keep on Walking
1.7 This Ain't a Love Song
1.8 Famous
1.9 Silly Song
1.10 Take a Chance on Us
1.11 Love How It Hurts
1.12 Summertime in the City
1.13 Without You
1.14 Millionaire
1.15 Make That Girl Mine

Scouting for Girls: Greatest Hits

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