Screaming Females: Power Move

Screaming Females: Power Move
Title: Power Move
Label: Don Giovanni Records

Screaming Females bring the sweaty intensity of basement punk to a new level with their third and most scorching full-length, Power Move. Their urgent vocals, gritty guitar solos, and iron-strong rhythms have garnered the attention of Spin Magazine, Maximum Rock n Roll, and everyone in-between. Power Move has a startlingly original sound that incorporates elements of Hendrix-like jazz-fusion, screamed post-punk vocals, electrically charged basslines, and hypnotic melodies. In a nutshell, it's indie rock with shredding.

1.1 Bell
1.2 Sour Grapes
1.3 Skull
1.4 Treacher Collins
1.5 Starving Dog
1.6 Lights Out
1.7 I Believe in Evil
1.8 Adult Army
1.9 Halfway Down
1.10 Buried in the Nude

Screaming Females: Power Move

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