Scriabin / Elisaveta Blumina

Scriabin / Elisaveta Blumina: Memories from Home

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Product Type: CD

Title: Memories from Home
Label: Dreyer Gaido

Elisaveta Blumina prefers playing character pieces. This may be because, even as a child, she was attracted to the ballet and her most fervent wish was to become a ballerina. This wish was never to be fulfilled ("You are too tall", they said at the ballet school", but it had a significant impact in her understanding of music: Through the perception of dance, of movements and the characters involved, she can get a better feeling for the music. The fundamental reason for the choice of repertoire on this album was that the works by Scriabin, Prokofiev, Weinberg, Frid and Kancheli also, for her, represent a retrospective connection to her home country.

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