Script: Science and Faith

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Script

Title: Science and Faith
Label: Epic

It's been a rags to riches glory ride, an emotional rollercoaster, an all action, all-star blockbuster. Three young Dubliners took on the world, with music fashioned from the emotional detritus of their own hard lives raised up by a love of pop, rock, hip hop and soul. In two years they've notched up a handful of hit singles around the world. Their 2008 self-titled debut album, THE SCRIPT, went to number one in the UK and Ireland, and is now approaching 2 million sales worldwide. They've played stadium shows with music heroes U2, Take That and Sir Paul McCartney, and to cap it all, THE SCRIPT are songwriters of the first order, combining thoughtful, heartfelt lyrics with lush melodies. Lead man Danny explains, "You know what the Script is? It's the journey from a feeling of devastation in the pit of my stomach, for me to be able to think about that, put it into words, to be able to sing it, a band to play it, for you to hear it, to go to your brain, to understand it and for you to replicate that same feeling. It's such an amazing thing. You couldn't work it out with a calculator. But that's what we try and do." the Script's new album, SCIENCE & FAITH, is sure to take you on that incredible journey.

1.1 You Won't Feel a Thing
1.2 For the First Time
1.3 Nothing
1.4 Science ; Faith
1.5 If You Ever Come Back
1.6 Long Gone and Moved on
1.7 Dead Man Walking
1.8 This = Love
1.9 Walk Away (Feat. B.O.B)*Us Exclusive Track
1.10 Exit Wounds
1.11 Bullet from a Gun*Us Exclusive Track
1.12 Walk Away

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