Seadrake: Isola

Seadrake: Isola
Title: Isola
Label: Megahype

2018 release. Isola is the long-awaited debut album of the synthpop supergroup Seadrake, consisting of members of Lowe, Akanoid, Statemachine, Minerve and Dark Millennium. The album has been recorded in a studio outside Köln, Germany together with producer Olaf Wollschläger (And One, Mesh, Paradise Lost). The music on Isola can best be described as synthpop, but it also has some rock and metal influences which can be heard in the mixing and the guitar solos and the mixing.

1.1 What You Do to Me
1.2 Get It on
1.3 On the Run
1.4 Something Durable
1.5 Room 316
1.6 Lower Than This (Someday)
1.7 Die of Temptation
1.8 Conformity Loves Company
1.9 Daydream
1.10 Soulsharer

Seadrake: Isola

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