Sean Hayes

Sean Hayes: Low Light

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Sean Hayes

Title: Low Light
Label: Sean Hayes

Low Light, the eighth album from independent recording artist Sean Hayes, captures his distinctive sound at it's most intimate. Recorded both at home and in the studio, Low Light webs it's way through genres, incorporating the pulse and yearning of R&B with the low-fi grit and crackle of folk. From the gauzy, beat-driven title track to the aching, old-school country "Sing Me Your Love Song," Hayes' voice glides between a growling purr and seductive vibrato, transporting the listener into a rich, sensual late night world. In the track "Home I Left" Hayes sings of leaving San Francisco - "headed north with my young family, needed space to grow" - and this album is structured to represent snapshots from his life in the four years since. Low Light thrums with songs of desire, sanctuary, and the redemptive power of love.

1.1 Boom Boom Baby
1.2 Love That Woman
1.3 Back It Up
1.4 She Knows
1.5 Magic Slim
1.6 Paper Rock Domino
1.7 Low Light
1.8 Naked As the Sun
1.9 Home I Left
1.10 Sing Me Your Love Song

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