Sebadoh: Harmacy

$10.30 $11.98
Product Type: CD
Artist: Sebadoh

Title: Harmacy
Label: Sub Pop

Now that Lou Barlow (Folk Implosion) is officially a Top-40 "artiste," it only makes sense that the soon-to-be-classic rock of Sebadoh must follow. Adding to Sebadoh's already huge discography, this is a spectacular follow-up to 1994's Bakesale. The Sub Pop Records staff is so thrilled about this release they could "pee themselves," according to their press release. Features Barlow, Jason Loewenstein and Bob Fay. Tracks include "On Fire," "Weed Against Speed," "Love to Fight" and "Sforzando."

1.1 On Fire
1.2 Prince-S
1.3 Ocean
1.4 Nothing Like You
1.5 Crystal Gypsy
1.6 Beauty of the Ride
1.7 Mind Reader
1.8 Sforzando!
1.9 Willing to Wait
1.10 Hillbilly II
1.11 Zone Doubt
1.12 Too Pure
1.13 Worst Thing
1.14 Love to Fight
1.15 Perfect Way
1.16 Can't Give Up
1.17 Open Ended
1.18 Weed Against Speed
1.19 I Smell a Rat

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