Seckou Keita

Seckou Keita: Seckou Keita

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Seckou Keita

Title: Seckou Keita
Label: Arc Music

Seckou Keita presents his Quartet with West African kora, a host of African drums and percussion, double bass, Egyptian violin, riti (fiddle), n'goni (lute), cajon. Beautiful, soothing, near-hypnotic music. 'Seckou Keita, an inspired exponent of the Kora, can make the West African harp-lute sound like a small band.' - Guardian 'Keita's vocals (are) passionate and melodic...' - Dirty Linen.

1.1 N'fa
1.2 Tounga
1.3 Afö
1.4 Djula Djékeré
1.5 Keita-Lu
1.6 Ke Djulo
1.7 Sina Mory
1.8 Tama-Silo (Journey)
1.9 N'fa Quartet
1.10 Namou
1.11 Dorygui-Ba

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