Secondo: Matter of Scale

Secondo: Matter of Scale
Title: Matter of Scale
Label: Soul Jazz

2008 release, Secondo's first album of super-funky micro cut-up Disco and Electronic music. Secondo is Italian/Serbian producer Radovan Scasascia. Secondo's love of Disco and minimal European Electronic music produces a unique funky-electronic cut up style that shows his close links with the micro-house sound of Germany's Kompakt label as much as that of the New York Disco labels of the late 70's and early 80's. Secondo's music features thousands of micro-samples and the music successfully reflects his aim of reconstructing these minute sonic fragments into new compositions that somehow maintain the atmosphere of the originals as well as creating new worlds. Soul Jazz.

1.1 Ought to Say
1.2 MacUla
1.3 Kuwait
1.4 Wait for It to Come
1.5 Distrails
1.6 Quantum Lady
1.7 Az201
1.8 Burns Me Up
1.9 Solstice
1.10 . Fine Primo Tempo

Secondo: Matter of Scale

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