Secret Chiefs 3

Secret Chiefs 3: Satellite Supersonic, Vol. 1

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Secret Chiefs 3

Title: Satellite Supersonic, Vol. 1
Label: Mimicry

2010 collection of tracks previously only available on vinyl. With their long-awaited album Book of Souls due to hit the shelves this fall, Secret Chiefs 3 have chosen this moment to bring the digital world up to date on some of the clandestine (i.e. vinyl-only) activities of the SC3 satellite bands. In 2007, a string of seven-inch records by these groups were all snatched up by fans within just over a month, leaving many potential listeners feeling a bit left out. Web of Mimicry is pleased to announce that eight tracks from UR, Ishraqiyun and Electromagnetic Azoth have made it on to Satellite Supersonic Vol. 1, and five of them are from those coveted seven-inch records!

1.1 Circumambulation
1.2 Balance of the 19
1.3 Ubik
1.4 Kulturvultur
1.5 Balthassar:Melchior:Kaspar
1.6 The Left Hand of Nothingness
1.7 Anthropomorphisis:Boxleitner
1.8 The Secret Mausoleum of Mankind: Fetish Miniatures of the Suicided Race

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