Secret Cities: Strange Hearts

Secret Cities: Strange Hearts
Title: Strange Hearts
Label: Western Vinyl

In a year defined of bank bail-outs and failures, Secret Cities found themselves fortunate to occupy the basement of a recently abandoned bank in Kansas City, Missouri. Complete with bulletproof glass, functioning pneumatic tubes, and a massive vault, this space served as the band's studio as they recorded their sophomore effort, Strange Hearts. Filtering the classic romanticism of Dusty Springfield and the Shangri-Las through their own kaleidoscopic aesthetic, these songs pulse with an alluring mixture of melancholy and hopeful innocence, as warm and inviting as it is elusive and peculiar.

1.1 Always Friends
1.2 Ice Cream Scene
1.3 The Park
1.4 Love Crime
1.5 No Pressure
1.6 Pebbles
1.7 Strange Hearts
1.8 Interlude
1.9 Brief Encounter
1.10 Forest of Love
1.11 Portland

Secret Cities: Strange Hearts

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