Secrets of the Moon

Secrets of the Moon: Sun

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Product Type: CD

Title: Sun
Label: Prophecy

1.1 No More Colours
1.2 Dirty Black
1.3 Man Behind the Sun
1.4 Hole
1.5 Here Lies the Sun
1.6 I Took the Sky Away
1.7 Mark of Cain
2.1 Man Behind the Sun (Alternative Version Feat. a Albjörn Tryggvason and Rayshele Teige)
2.2 Dirty Black (SP Remix By Sanford Parker)
2.3 Hole (Statiqbloom RMX By Fade Kainer)
2.4 I Took the Sky Away (Swinging Into the DRT RMX By Sun of the Sleepless)
2.5 Man Behind the Sun (Remix By Vicotnik)
2.6 Until the Sun

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