Sepultura: Kairos

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Sepultura

Title: Kairos
Label: Nuclear Blast Americ

From their humble beginnings in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, Sepultura went on to become the most successful Brazilian heavy metal band in history. Over a ten-year period, the band transformed itself from a primitive death metal ensemble into one of the leading creative trendsetters of the international aggressive music scene. After a bitter internal struggle and a reformation of the bands lineup, Sepultura recovered and managed to maintain a fierce stranglehold on fans and critics around the world. After a long search, Sepultura recruited Derrick Green as their new singer in 1998 and have continued on ever since, still keeping some of the old fans while winning over non-believers with each album. KAIROS is a more brutal, old-school approach to the classic Sepultura sound that fans will at once recognize and embrace.

1.1 Spectrum
1.2 Kairos
1.3 Relentless
1.4 Just One Fix
1.5 Dialog
1.6 Mask
1.7 Seethe
1.8 Born Strong
1.9 Embrace the Storm
1.10 No One Will Stand
1.11 Structure Violence (Azzes)
1.12 5772
1.13 No One Will Stand
1.14 Structure Violence (Azzes)
1.15 4648

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