Sevendust: Retrospective 2

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Sevendust

Artist: Sevendust
Title: Retrospective 2

RETROSPECTIVE 2 will feature 6 live cuts and 3 brand new studio tracks on the CD and almost 2 hours of video footage on the DVD. This collection includes videos from the hits, "Ugly" and "Driven," the fury of one of rock's premier live performers captured on the tracks "Hero," "Silence," "Clueless" and "Alpha."

1.1 Losing You Studio
1.2 The Rim Studio
1.3 Sleeper Studio
1.4 Hero Live
1.5 Silence Live
1.6 Deathstar Live
1.7 Clueless Live
1.8 Beg to Differ Live
1.9 Alpha Live
2.1 A Day in Life of Sevendust
2.2 Next
2.3 Alpha
2.4 Pete the A;R Guy
2.5 Silence [DVD][Live]
2.6 Driven [DVD]
2.7 Beg to Differ [DVD]
2.8 The Rim [DVD]
2.9 Deathstar [DVD][Live]
2.10 Clueless [DVD][Live]
2.11 Alpha [DVD][Live]

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