Sevendust: Southside Double - Wide: Acoustic Live

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Sevendust

Title: Southside Double - Wide: Acoustic Live
Label: TVT

Recorded live at the Georgeia Theater, Athens GA on Sept. 12, 2003, this limited edition version of SOUTHSIDE DOUBLE captures the beautify of Sevendust's songwriting and musicianship over the intense 60 minute acoustic set features songs from their entire catalog. Special bonus features: DVD of entire show, 25 collector postcards, 1 Sevendust branded guitar pick and a 24-page booklet with tour memorabilia.

1.1 Trust
1.2 Seasons
1.3 Xmas Day
1.4 Beautiful
1.5 Follow
1.6 Skeleton Song
1.7 Disgrace
1.8 Hurt (Dedicated to Johnny Cash)
1.9 Angel's Son
1.10 Rumble Fish
1.11 Too Close to Hate
1.12 Black
1.13 Prayer
1.14 Bitch
1.15 Broken Down
2.1 [DVD]

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