Shaddah Tuum

Shaddah Tuum: Merkabah

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Artist: Shaddah Tuum

Artist: Shaddah Tuum
Title: Merkabah
Product Type: 12-INCH SINGLE

This is the agony and the ecstasy of Shaddah Tuum. The mysticism of "Merkahbah": A gateway to another realm. Dadub's liquid cold burns across the Merkahbahtic portal, offering a new world - one of descent rather than "S-nInYourHead" ascension, spinning headlong into depths as crushing and black as a star's birthplace. Twisting further downwards, the hand of Kerridge corrupts both gateway and guide into a looming smear of entropic hatred. This is the sound at the center of the universe, a wail of eternal birth: terror, confusion, and pain. One color screen-printed PVC sleeve. Marbled vinyl. Artist edition of 300.

1.1 Merkabah
1.2 S-Ninyourhead
2.1 Merkabah (Dadub remix)
2.2 S-Ninyourhead vs Merkabah (Kerridge remix)

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