Shade Empire: Poetry Of The Ill-Minded

Shade Empire: Poetry Of The Ill-Minded
Title: Poetry Of The Ill-Minded
Label: Spinefarm

Shade Empire - "Poetry Of The Ill-Minded" Formed in Kuopio Finland 1999, Shade Empire has developed it's own genre. The bands last album 'Omega Arcane' is a heavily orchestrated concept album & took the band´s sound to a whole new level. The 5th album hits the streets on 8/4/17 via Candlelight/Spinefarm. Once again the newest album shows how the band is capable to further develop it´s sound from Arcane´s massive epic sound. 'Poetry' is the bands most advanced & brutal opus to date. For fans of Dimmu Borgir, Children Of Bodom, Wolfheart.

1.1 Lecter (Welcome)
1.2 Wanderer
1.3 Drawn to Water - the Path
1.4 Thy Scent
1.5 Anti-Life Saviour
1.6 Map of Scars
1.7 Treasure (In Liquid Dreams of Mirror Universe)

Shade Empire: Poetry Of The Ill-Minded

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