Shakira: She Wolf

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Artist: Shakira

Artist: Shakira
Title: She Wolf

U.S. edition of her 2009 album includes 16 tracks, four and six more over the different International pressings! Shakira's 2009 English album She Wolf is an uptempo Pop album. It is all about synthesizers and electronic concepts, all mixed with the world sounds that we are used to from Shakira.. sounds from countries like India, the Middle East and her home country of Colombia. She Wolf features a predominantly English track list with a follow up album of new and unique repertoire in Spanish to come in 2010. The title track 'She-Wolf' boasts the infectious and energizing sound that made Shakira a household name, with a slightly more dancey/ electronic beat.

1.1 She Wolf
1.2 Did It Again
1.3 Long Time
1.4 Why Wait
1.5 Good Stuff
1.6 Men in This Town
1.7 Gypsy
1.8 Spy (Featuring Wyclef Jean)
1.9 Mon Amour
1.10 Loba
1.11 Lo Hecho Esta Hecho
1.12 Anos Luz
1.13 Give It Up to Me (Featuring Lil Wayne)
1.14 Did It Again (Featuring Kid Cudi)
1.15 Gypsy (Live)
1.16 She Wolf (Live from T4)
1.17 [CD-ROM Track] [Multimedia Track]

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