Shallow Side

Shallow Side: Origins

$10.30 $11.98
Product Type: CD
Artist: Shallow Side

Title: Origins
Label: Thermal Ent

Origins is a compilation released digitally only but now available on LP / CD. It contains songs that appeared on the band's first 3 EP (Home Today, Stand Up, One), two special acoustic tracks and Crutch which was only released as a single.

1.1 Crutch
1.2 Rebel (Explicit)
1.3 My Addiction
1.4 Crazy
1.5 Can You Hear Me
1.6 Try to Fight It
1.7 Stand Up
1.8 We Won't Die
1.9 Home Today
1.10 Try to Fight It (Acoustic)
1.11 Out of Reach (Acoustic)

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