Shalt: Seraphim

$19.76 $22.98
Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: Shalt

Title: Seraphim
Label: Astral Plane Recs
Product Type: VINYL LP

Shalt turns in his longest statement to date in Seraphim, a mini-epic that unfolds over six intricately arranged, brilliantly colored acts. Sonically, Seraphim features a fusion of the sensibilities featured on previous albums: noisy effects and a barrage of rugged percussion juxtaposed with passages of melodic bliss. This is music preoccupied with technology, but with a naturalistic ethos at it's core, emphasizing our confusion over humanity's influence on the world (even when uncynically trying to perform good deeds). That ethos is embodied in the baroque ambience of "Seraph," as well as the impactful, multi-layered crack of "Fleeting." It's deeply visual music and like the best sci-fi, deals with lasting contemporary issues under the guise of futurity.

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