Sharam: Warung Beach Club Live Brasil

Sharam: Warung Beach Club Live Brasil
Title: Warung Beach Club Live Brasil
Label: Black Hole

2012 two CD release from the German DJ and producer. Recorded live at Warung Beach Club, Brazil's most remarkable superclub, this three-hour mix stands as testament to Sharam's genre bending sets and record breaking appearance with a unique ability to rock the dancefloor. Nicknamed as the electronic 'music temple' on the south coast of Brazil, the Warung Beach Club is a tropical paradise, set amidst a vast beachfront nature preserve where it showcases the greatest names in modern electronic music. When Warung booked Sharam for a 10 hour House music marathon set in April, 2011, he smashed all attendance records since the club opened with 4,500 clubbers turning up to hear his set! Three of the most perfect hours of this night have been selected and lovingly presented in this must-have compilation.

1.1 In My Arms (Damez Jean Mix) (Sharam Feat. Lisa Ekdhal) [White Label] (Unreleased) - Sharam
1.2 What Your Soul Sings (Paul Ritch Remix) (Luca Bacchetti) [Hideout] - Luca Bacchetti
1.3 Can't Stop (Jon Rundell) [Rekluse] - Jon Rundell
1.4 Wepa (Nadastrom) [Dubsided] (Unreleased) - Nadastrom
1.5 Turboprop (Ahmet Sendil Remix) (Koen Groeneveld) [Abzolut Records] - Koen Groeneveld
1.6 Rafaela (Federico Epis) [Yoshitoshi] - Federico Epis
1.7 The Ghetto Track (El Mundo, Satori Remix) (The Ghetto Boys) [Yoshitoshi] - El Mundo ; Satori
1.8 Fun (Pirupa People Vocal Mix) (Sharam Feat. Anousheh) [Yoshitoshi] - Sharam
1.9 It's Gotta Be Big (Joe T. Vannelli) [JTV Recordings] - Joe T. Vanelli
1.10 Wonderland (Paul Ritch) [Drumcode] - Paul Ritch
1.11 Wild Drumz (Rene Kuppens Remix) (Sharam Feat. Mario Vazquez) [Yoshitoshi/Ultra] (Unreleased) - Sharam
1.12 Don't Say a Word (Sharam's Own Remix) (Sharam Feat. Anousheh) [Yoshitoshi/Ultra] - Sharam
1.13 Bye8Again (Afrojack) [Wall Music BV] (Unreleased) - Afrojack
1.14 Que Cubano (Sharam) [Yoshitoshi] (Unreleased)
2.1 Tru Tru (Paul Ritch Remix) (Mark Broom ; Mihalis Safras) [Material Series] - Sharam
2.2 Jungle Drums (Tom Middleton) [Yoshitoshi] (Unreleased) - Mark Broom ; Mihalis Safras
2.3 Detonate (Sharam's Crazi Remix) (Pig ; Dan) [Yoshitoshi] - Tom Middleton
2.4 Now Feat. Astrid Suryanto (Sharam Remix) (King Britt) [Nervous] - Pig ; Dan
2.5 Paranoize (Adam Beyer ; Jesper Dahlback Remix) (Alan Fitzpatrick) [Drumcode] - King Britt
2.6 Roaches (Peace Division Remix) (Trancesetters) [Hooj Choons] - Alan Fitzpatrick
2.7 Friendly Fire (Dosem Remix) (Alexander Kowalski) [Damage Music Berlin] - Trancesetters
2.8 Make Sure to Keep It Up (Samio) [Yoshitoshi] (Unreleased) - Alexander Kowlaski
2.9 Caller Id (Radio Slave Remix) (Nic Fanciulli) [Saved Records] - Samio
2.10 Fun (Funhouse Remix) (Sharam Feat. Anousheh) [Yoshitoshi] - Nic Fanciulli
2.11 Timeless Altitude (Slam Paragraph Remix) (Secret Cinema) [Gem Records] - Sharam
2.12 Mitt (Sharam Vs. Shakira) [Yoshitoshi] (Unreleased) - Secret Cinema

Sharam: Warung Beach Club Live Brasil

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