Shark Toys

Shark Toys: Labyrinths

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Artist: Shark Toys

Artist: Shark Toys
Title: Labyrinths
Product Type: VINYL LP

Vinyl LP pressing. Whether you know it or not, Shark Toys are one of the best bands in LA... and they have been for quite some time. I think the Urinals would agree and now they can finally call them labelmates. Their first single came out back in 2009, but Labyrinths is a far more developed record than that or any of their subsequent releases. Gone are most of Danny Clodfelter's former band members, but not because of some Mark E. Smith-type drama. The turnover is more likely due to nearly a decade passing and life happening. That said, this current line-up is by far the strongest.

1.1 Let's Follow (City Lights)
1.2 Start Over Again
1.3 Far Away from You
1.4 That's How I Escaped My Certain Fate
1.5 No Escape
1.6 Negativity
1.7 In Between
1.8 Maze
1.9 Time Signature
1.10 Confusion
1.11 Three Dogs
1.12 Walking Song
1.13 How I Got Here
1.14 Jazz Suss

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