Shazz: Heritage

Shazz: Heritage
Title: Heritage
Label: High Note Records

2009 release from the French producer and mixer, a collaboration with Michael Robinson. Beginning his career in the early '90s, Shazz was one of the finest purveyors of House music in France. Over the years, he has become an influence on a new generation of Electronic artists. House music is 20 years old and nobody can fully grasp the idea. Books and essays have been written, documentaries have been filmed - and so many articles or Internet links, all about a sound that changed so many lives. Ironically, Shazz went from being labeled as 'avant garde' to becoming one of Electronica's respected elders. 11 tracks.

1.1 Mirage
1.2 Gonna Make You Happy Part 1 ; 2
1.3 American
1.4 Come to Me Part 1 ; 2
1.5 Heritage
1.6 Sit Down
1.7 After the Rain
1.8 Ring
1.9 Before Monday Part 1 ; 2
1.10 Holding My Pain
1.11 Last Train
1.12 Breathe

Shazz: Heritage

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