Shirley Murdock

Shirley Murdock: Shirley Murdock

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Shirley Murdock

Title: Shirley Murdock
Label: Elektra / WEA

Debuting on a major label with this album in 1986, Shirley Murdock quickly made a name for herself with three charting singles and a fruitful partnership with producer Roger Troutman that would continue to excite fans for years to come. An R&B treasure!

1.1 Be Free
1.2 No More
1.3 Go on Without You
1.4 Truth or Dare
1.5 Danger Zone
1.6 Teaser
1.7 As We Lay
1.8 The One I Need
1.9 Tribute
1.10 Truth or Dare (European Mix)
1.11 No More (Extended Mix)
1.12 As We Lay (Midnight Mix)
1.13 Tribute (Extended Mix)

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