Shitfucker: Sex With Dead Body

Shitfucker: Sex With Dead Body
Title: Sex With Dead Body
Label: Hells Headbangers

Shitfucker make it easy for us, really. Firstly, they're called Shitfucker. That should eliminate the faint-hearted and anyone that doesn't instinctively want to hear music made by the kind of people that would call their band Shitfucker. So that's all pretty clear. Secondly, this Motor City trio plainly couldn't give three shits what anyone thinks about all of this. And that's probably a good thing, because "Sex With Dead Body" is every bit as filthy, obnoxious and deeply, deeply wrong as you might expect from a band whose most well-known promotional photo features at least one member of the band with his penis exposed. They're called Shitfucker. Their previous album was called "Suck Cocks In Hell". The clues are there.

1.1 Naked Came the Strangler
1.2 Stab the Head
1.3 Ricky's Dead
1.4 Sex with Dead Body
1.5 Leather Lady Lover
1.6 Serial Killer
1.7 Skitzoid
1.8 Divinating Death
1.9 Splatter Master
1.10 Touch Me, I'll Scream!
1.11 Relgnarts Eht Emac Dekan

Shitfucker: Sex With Dead Body

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