Siddhartha: Trip To Innerself

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Artist: Siddhartha

Artist: Siddhartha
Title: Trip To Innerself

Amazing and colorful rock sutra from Turkey! Siddhartha is a mind-bending blend of progressive space music that sounds at times like Pink Floyd or Porcupine Tree; combining trippy rock ballads with extended instrumental passages. This album is full of major mood swings from very serene and tranquil moments to all out blitzkrieg jam sessions. Siddhartha is full of surprises and each songs carries it's own colors and characteristics always sounding highly original. This is an essential recording and will absolutely remain a classic. This album has been nominated, for the 4th edition of ProgAwards album of the year of 2009. Limited collector edition.

1.1 A Trip to Innerself
1.2 The Explorer
1.3 Desert
1.4 Baroque
1.5 Nervous Breakdown
1.6 Beyond Destiny
1.7 Distant Cry
1.8 Black

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