Sigmatropic: Sixteen Haiku & Other Stories

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Sigmatropic

Artist: Sigmatropic
Title: Sixteen Haiku & Other Stories

This record features the poetry of Greek Nobel Laureate George Seferis set to the beautiful and subtly colored music of Sigmatropic. Following the album's success in Greece, the poems were translated into English and sung by an all-star cast including Cat Power, Robert Wyatt, Laetitia Sadier (Stereolab), Alejandro Escovedo, Mark Eitzel, Steve Wynn, Howe Gelb, Lee Ranaldo (Sonic Youth), and more. Multi-instrumentalist and producer Akis Boyatzis, the nucleus of Sigmatropic, blends live instrumentation and studio wizardry into a diverse collection of songs that drift fluidly through folk and rock styles into dark ambience and back out again. Enhanced CD includes the video for "Haiku Five", featuring Carla Torgerson and Akis.

1.1 Introduction - (Featuring Robert Wyatt)
1.2 Haiku One - (Featuring Laetitia Sadier)
1.3 Haiku Two - (Featuring Martine Roberts)
1.4 Haiku Three - (Featuring Mark Muleahy, in the Museume Garden)
1.5 Haiku Four - (Featuring Alejandro Escovedo)
1.6 Haiku Five - (Featuring Carla Torgerson)
1.7 Haiku Six - (Featuring Carla Torgerson/Ahis Boyatzis)
1.8 Haiku Seven - (Featuring Akis Boyatzis)
1.9 Haiku Eight - (Featuring Edith Eitzel)
1.10 Haiku Nine - (Featuring Mark Eitzel)
1.11 Haiku Ten - (Featuring Cat Power)
1.12 Haiku Eleven - (Featuring Simon Joyner)
1.13 Haiku Twelve - (Featuring Lee Ranaldo, Unprofitable Boat Line)
1.14 Haiku Thirteen - (Featuring Alex Gordon)
1.15 Haiku Fourteen (A)(Sung in Greek) - (Featuring Akis Boyatzis)
1.16 Haiku (B) - (Featuring John Grant)
1.17 Haiku Fifteen - (Featuring James William Hindle)
1.18 Haiku Sixteen - (Featuring Lee Ranaldo)
1.19 Dead Sea, the - (Featuring James Sclavunos, Logbook II)
1.20 Water Warm - (Featuring Pintcie MacLure, Sketches for a Summer)
1.21 This Human Body - (Featuring Howe Gelb)
1.22 Jasmines, the - (Featuring Steve Wym)

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