Signor Benedick the Moor: Negro

Signor Benedick the Moor: Negro
Title: Negro
Label: Deathbomb Arc

Combining virtuoso rapping with his background as a multi-instrumentalist, Signor Benedick the Moor creates music thateffortlessly taps into the sound of many genres. The theatricalityof his Shakespeare referencing name reveals itself most in hiscomplex, lengthy, and heady compositions. Making an impressivedebut at the age of just 19, he immediately captured the attentionof The Guardian UK & The Needle Drop. Deathbomb Arc's formal release of 'El Negro' adds the bonus track "h8 everyone [Enter TheBlack Prince]". This hiphop tribute to pop goth groups like The Cureis not only unlike anything out there, it is also Signor Benedick TheMoor's catchiest track yet.

1.1 Zed
1.2 Tragic Tale of Bisen Francisco (In Media Res)
1.3 All Revere (Le Narrateur)
1.4 Aristotelian Reptilian Pavillion (Opening Titled)
1.5 Existential Humanitarianism As a Fashion Choice
1.6 Call of the Wild
1.7 Belladonna
1.8 Mouth of the Beast
1.9 Black Blood Avenue
1.10 Whomp! a Tale By Charles Dodgson
1.11 Lecherous, Senseless, Debauchery
1.12 Poeticism An Extrinsic Finality
1.13 Audio Manslaughter
1.14 Errybody's a DJ
1.15 Bisen Fransisco in: The Iconic Chronic Colonic (The Epic Conclusion You
1.16 Life in the Zoo of Christian Andrew
1.17 .//End
1.18 H8 Everybody (Enter the Black Prince)

Signor Benedick the Moor: Negro

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