Sigue Sigue Sputnik

Sigue Sigue Sputnik: Flaunt It: Deluxe Edition

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Product Type: CD

Title: Flaunt It: Deluxe Edition
Label: Cherry Red

Deluxe four CD set showcasing one of the most notable albums of the mid-1980s, and the phenomenon that surrounded it. The Giorgio Moroder produced album, b-sides, remixes and rarities (including many never before on cd) plus a complete previously unreleased live show recorded at London's Abbey Road Studios in front of an invited audience. Material remastered from the original tapes. In the mid-1980s, former Generation X founder Tony James pieced together a pop group like no other. Taking the greatest Rock 'n Roll traditions and clichés and fusing them with a utopian vision of modernism, commercialism and the future, Sigue Sigue Sputnik brought together a previously unknown and inexperienced collection of would-be musicians and faces and turned them into the must-see band of the era. Sputnik's star burned brightly, and their influence stretched into the late 1980s and 1990s as technology and globalization brought their crossover sound and bold visual aesthetic into the mainstream. This set is a must-have for fans of the band and 1980s pop culture, and for believers in a glittering future.

1.1 Love Missile F1-11 (Re-Recording Part II)
1.2 Atari Baby
1.3 Sex-Bomb-Boogie
1.4 Rockit Miss U.S.A
1.5 Advertisement:
1.6 The Sputnik Corporation
1.7 21st Century Boy
1.8 Massive Retaliation
1.9 Advertisement: The Sigue Sigue Sputnik Computer Game
1.10 Teenage Thunder
1.11 She's My Man
1.12 Advertisement: EMI Records
1.13 From the Gutter to the Stars
2.1 Trailer Mix
2.2 Love Missile F1-11 (7" Single Mix)
2.3 Love Missile F1-11 (The Bangkok Remix)
2.4 Love Missile F1-11 (Dance Mix)
2.5 Love Missile F1-11 (Extended Ultra Violence Version)
2.6 Love Missile F1-11 (Video Mix)
2.7 Love Missile F1-11 (Japanese Remix)
2.8 Love Missile F 1-11 (Westbam Remix Short Version)
2.9 Massive Retaliation (The Super Massive UK Remix)
2.10 Massive Retaliation (Shut Up Dub Remix)
2.11 Sex Bomb Boogie (Magic Flute)
2.12 Sex Bomb Dance
3.1 Hack Attack
3.2 Buy EMI
3.3 Dancerama (1986 Version)
3.4 Suicide (Live in London Sept' '86)
3.5 21st Century Boy (Extended T.V. Mix)
3.6 21st Century Boy (German Remix)
3.7 21st Century Boy (Dance Mix)
3.8 Buy EMI (£4,000,000 Mix)
3.9 She's My Man (Remix)
4.1 Sex Bomb Boogie
4.2 21st Century Boy
4.3 Twist ; Shout
4.4 She's My Man
4.5 Shoot It Up
4.6 Jayne Mansfield
4.7 Rockit Miss U.S.A

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