Silence in the Snow

Silence in the Snow: Levitation Chamber

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Artist: Silence in the Snow
Title: Levitation Chamber
Product Type: VINYL LP

Oakland's Silence In The Snow, the dark ethereal collaboration of guitarist/vocalist Cyn M., and drummer Trevor DeSchryver (Wolves in the Throne Room, Lycus, Dispirit, ex-Deafheaven) present their sophomore record and Prophecy Productions debut - "Levitation Chamber". Recorded by Grammy nominated producer Jack Shirley (Deafheaven, Bosse-de-Nage) at Atomic Garden Studios, their dark rock and post-punk influences seep into a melancholy dream, echoing with color and vibrancy. Their 2016 debut album, "Break In The Skin", comprised an intentionally minimalistic palette to produce a simple, yet emotionally substantial sound. The album was praised by journalists and fans alike, earning rave reviews in outlets such a Cvlt Nation and Heathen Harvest. "The vocalist of this band, Cyn M., is enchanting; pure magic laced with power and pain... Their whole LP, 'Break In The Skin', is packed full of ethereal gems that will keep you pressing replay non-stop!" -Cvlt Nation. Silence In The Snow dramatically evolved with the inclusion of live drums and a refreshed creative vision, resulting in a more dynamic and driving sound. "Levitation Chamber" represents a new chapter of Silence In The Snow. It is an album full of sonic twists and turns. It is riff-heavy in places, and then ebbs and flows with psychedelic, post punk and dream pop sprinkled throughout. "Levitation Chamber" is released on July 26th, 2019 via Prophecy Productions, and available on gatefold LP, CD Digipak, and digital platforms. Simultaneously, Prophecy reissue "Break In The Skin" on LP and, for the first time ever, CD in Digipak format.

1.1 Time Will Tell You Nothing
1.2 Smoke Signals
1.3 Crystal Spear
1.4 Garden of Echoes
1.5 In the Dark
1.6 Cruel Ends
1.7 Dread the Low

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