Silently Down

Silently Down: Sadness

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Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: Silently Down

Artist: Silently Down
Title: Sadness
Product Type: VINYL LP

In 1992 six songs were self-released on CD by the one-man synthesizer, cold-wave outfit Silently Down as the Sad mini-album. Even despite Sad gathering excellent feedback and reviews, the full album project that was planned with a French label was finally shelved. More than 20 years later Dead Wax Records decided to give it a well-deserved second chance. Dead Wax Records are calling it Sadness to mark a difference, as it's so much more complete than it's predecessor. Romantic synth, cold-wave, touching but dancey, heavily electronic. Heartfelt, sometimes truly sad lyrics, a sign of those times. The influence of classic bands like Little Nemo, Opéra de Nuit and Invisible Limits are undeniable. A very well crafted album with a great production level. Dead Wax are extremely proud to bring you this forgotten jewel, properly mastered for vinyl and presented in an exclusive vinyl run of 150 copies. It comes housed in a heavy matte finish sleeve.

1.1 Days Go By (3:58)
1.2 Reflection (4:06)
1.3 Alone (4:35)
1.4 La-Haut (3:03)
1.5 To Die Happy (5:00)
2.1 Strange Times (3:44)
2.2 Welcome to a Suicide Day (3:43)
2.3 Die Erben Der Dunkelheit (3:50)
2.4 Tired to Live (4:33)
2.5 Goodbye (4:32)

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