Silk Sonic: An Evening With Silk Sonic

Silk Sonic ( Mars, Bruno & Paak, Anderson ): An Evening With Silk Sonic
Title: An Evening With Silk Sonic
Label: Atlantic

2021 release form this collaborative project featuring Bruno Mars and Anderson. Paak. The seeds of the collaboration were planted in 2017 when the two stars toured together in Europe. One late-night jam session on the road unlocked immediate chemistry. Just before the world slipped into quarantine, Bruno called Anderson: "Remember that idea we had back in 2017? Let's do it. " One studio session grew into to a months-long collaboration, culminating the "setlist of doom. " Legendary Bootsy Collins christened Silk Sonic and came in as the "special guest host" for An Evening With Silk Sonic, their debut album.

1.1 Silk Sonic Intro
1.2 Leave the Door Open
1.3 Fly As Me
1.4 After Last Night (With Thundercat ; Bootsy Collins)
1.5 Smokin Out the Window
1.6 Put on a Smile
1.7 777
1.8 Skate
1.9 Blast Off

Silk Sonic: An Evening With Silk Sonic

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